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Cum Swallowers 2

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Running Time:   110 minutes
Studio Name:   Hustler 
Series:   Cum Swallowers 
Director:   Kat Slater 
Categories: Anal   Cumshot   Gonzo   Ass-to-mouth  
Description:   The British are cumming!
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Reviewer: Explodingvulva Date: 10/11/2005
Source: Aebn

STARRING: Crystal Camron, Natalia, Majella, Renee Richards, Michelle, Angel Long, Steve Hooper, Dirty Dog and Tony De Sergio

CREDITS: Directed by Kat Slater


SCENE 1/ “ Fucking With The Thong On “ (Michelle and Steve Hooper)

Truth be told, I have never come across real Hustler porn. So I was expecting something different from that illustrious purveyor, Larry Flint. But I was dismayed how utterly nondescript this movie is compared to other gonzo fare. While I was expecting something a bit more above average, Cum Swallowers 2 just happens to be your usual meat and potatoes type that lends itself to mediocrity. The girls look appealing, but not gorgeous. The guys are almost faceless and utterly bland. Some scenes just look so repetitive that you wouldn't really mind skipping some scenes. Unlike other pervs, I am not into oral cream pies. I find them rather distasteful. But these ho's really know how to make them, which can be a delight to those who enjoy seeing women frothing away with freshly drawn ball gravy.

Case in point is the first vignette. Michelle looks white trash skanky, but in a good way. She has a pair of creamy white ass and rock star hair that reminds me of a skunk that had accidentally been run over by a hair dresser (white on top, brown hair near her scalp). A recurring hand with a funky-looking ring which I call...The Ringed One, comes into view and fumbles inside her ass like he's fishing for his apartment keys. The Ringed One feeds the soiled hand into Michelle's mouth and she makes an astounding shit-eating grin. Soon enough, the sex comes underway as Steve's dong rears its ugly head and gets serviced by our gal, Michelle. With the usual face fucking, Steve uses her hair as a handle to control her sucking motion. Michelle delivers a dry litany of dirty talk that sounds more like she's barking her grocery list. When she finally bends over for a doggy, I realize that she has a big cunt. And big cunts love big cocks as her labial doorway literally swallows his dong like a black hole. He then jackhammers her with a side saddle, then a mish. The Ringed One intervenes as he helps Steve's dick in the fucking. Eeew! Since when is that necessary? Michelle soon mounts Steve with a cowgirl while her derriere gets some slapping, then shifting again to a mish. The Ringed One intervenes again as he starts fondling her vag while Steve fucks her in the stink. There's one gay moment when The Ringed One starts handling the guy's dick and directing it on her hole. The shock soon dissipates as both performers go on a deep cowgirl. Finally, the guy shoots his load. As directed, Michelle plays around with the cum in her mouth and swallows it. She's one happy girl.

SCENE 2/ “Threesome In the Red Sofa“ (Renee Richards, Majella and Dirty Dog)

The second vignette is a threesome that's already underway. Renee looks wonderful with her sheer blue top and thong. While Majella looks like Ashley Simpson, but not that awe-inspiring. Both have an overbite and large teeth making look like chipmunks. And both love to ham it up like they're performing for an ice cream commercial. Both unzip Dirty Dog's pants to taste his woody done in a way we enjoy a cone of Hagen Das. Renee proves to us she's a master cocksucker. While Majella sucks Dirty Dog's 'dog, he dines on Renee's oysters. Renee does a cowgirl while eating Majella's cunt. I almost did a double take, as I couldn’t take my eyes off Majella's tats of Prince's insignia as she rides a doggy style. Prince will surely sue her ass! With that novelty dead after five seconds, Majella licks Renee's cunt before Dirty Dog does a side saddle. All this time, the camera leers at the point of intercourse. A P2M later, Majella does a reverse cowgirl while Renee sits on Dog's face. The Ringed One intervenes yet again as it inspects the copulation. Now it's Renee's turn for a reverse cowgirl, with Majella getting her muff eaten in the process. Changing again with Majella on a cowgirl. For the finale, the two girls do another “ice cream commercial” before Dog shoots his load. The two girls cum transfer foam and swallow. Either they're having way too much fun or that cum had uppers. They're all smiles.

SCENE 3/ “To The Bone“ (Natalia and Steve Hooper)

Nice-looking blonde, Natalia, smiles in a nice looking living room. In her black negligee, we see her lithe body brimming with promise. She doubles up and shows us her nicely shaped buns. This Nordic beauty has a lot going for her. Her coconuts are swollen to perfection. Not too big, not too small. Steve offers her dong and she gladly partakes of it. Then comes the tit banging. Her breasts are perfect for it. Afterwards. She eats his balls. Then she peels off her panties and rides him a cowgirl. While this is happening, there's this funny looking portrait of a woman who seems to be looking away while the two do some serious haymaking. Anyway, Steve savors her breasts as they ride. She snarls at the camera. With a P2M and more oralizing, The Ringed One reappears and finger fucks her vag. This prompts the two to a cowgirl reverse then a doggy. He cums in her mouth and she gargles and foams it. Good but not that lingering.

SCENE 4/ “The Great Sofa Mish Mash“ (Crystal Camron and Tony De Sergio)

Crystal looks savory in her white outfit. I don't know about you but hookers in white have a special place in my heart. Seeing her in that hot number sets my dick a woody. We get a closer inspection of her tits as the Ringed One massages it the way a woman inspects an overlooked Tickle Me Elmo doll on sale in Wal-Mart. She spreads her legs to reveal magenta panties. This girl is reading my mind! Didn't she know she's wearing the national color of my favorite country, "Whorenia". As the Ringed One does his manual best to poke and prod at her concealed twat, I wait in awe as he finally reveals her fresh pink clams. He tries to mine some Crystal goodness out of her canal, but he stops before it gets interesting. Good thing, the masterful hand of Tony de Sergio appears and finishes what the Ringed One has started. As both partners flash each other lustful looks, Tony uses his hand as a vibrator and lets loose his manual fury, only to feed his vaginized hand into Crystal's mouth. We cut fast into the action as Crystal negotiates his length by playing his bony harmonica. Tony clubs his love muscle into her lips. Then comes his attention to her vag,while she goes down on him. Tony gets his turn at slurping down her fresh clams. He finger fucks her vag. Crystal can only watch in amazement as this champion muff diver does his work. From mouth to dick, we have contact! They start with a mish. The camera leers closely at the penetration, taking us ever closer to the wet hot proceedings. He stuffs her canal with his love muscle deeper and deeper. After an insistent P2M, we get more mish mash in the sofa. Then Tony squats down on Crystal's face to dip his cock into her mouth. Then immediately followed by a slow reverse cowgirl. Crystal bends over for a doggy. The look of desperation in her eyes as he plows her. I know what she's thinking, she wonders how in the world will the sofa be cleaned after this. With that much spunk, her guests will start wondering why the sofa smells a bit meaty. A few torrid minutes later, Tony finally releases the hostages on her mouth. His creamy emissions look like the cream in Dunkin Donuts. And boy, this girl sure loves it. She swallows the cum. The Ringed One helps her clean the jism into her hungry little maw.

SCENE 5/ “One Dirty Angel“ (Angel Long and Tony De Sergio)

Fishnet gloves, how very Eighties

We first see Angel's ass on fake leopard print skirt. What a nice way to introduce a girl, not thru her face but by way of ass! Angel looks nice in an Eighties mall pop star Tiffany sort of way. Those fishnet gloves are a dead giveaway. Instead of singing “I Think We're Alone Now”, it's her vag who does the performing. The Ringed One makes an appearance as he again fondles, finger fucks and feeds the hands to her. I wonder what the nutritional value of spunk is. I'd better ask a licensed dietician later. Because she sure enjoys it. She goes down on all fours in the carpet. No, she's not looking for her contacts, she's just trying to look sassy. As a reward, he gets Tony's boner. She does his scepter of power with justice. As she allows his dong to go deeper and deeper into her tonsils, she stops and lets herself be fucked in a doggy. But not without the Ringed One's manual inspection of course. He checks out the goods and seeing that it's worth the trouble. The doggy finally happens and we're relived that contact has been successful. I wonder if Tiffany also loves to take it in the back. After a hungry P2M, she hams it up in the camera posing with the wet woody. She goes down and dines on Tony's balls. Strange though that her clothing appears and disappears during this vignette as we see her in various stages of undress, not necessarily in chronological order. This vignette has more manual manipulation to her twat than the others. But her tasty vim sure looks tasty. More oral madness occurs, then we are dumbstruck by the only anal toss-up in this movie. As her rectum gets acquainted with Tony's invader, her vag gets more manual manipulation with the Ringed One. The doggy becomes a squat doggy before doing an ATM, then switching to an anal cowgirl. By this time, I realize that she has small tits! After another P2M, a spread eagle mish, then spooning, Angel gets down for more cock smoking. He finally explodes on her mouth. A thick custardy wad that would have made Jergens proud shoots on her face. She gargles the gravy and plays with it in her mouth before swallowing, a dastardly use of oral cream pie. What a dirty Angel!

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5 Scenes from Cum Swallowers 2



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